Wednesday, May 9

To: Anti-Jewish "christians"

y'know, there are truly a bunch of sad folks out there, but yours truly takes the cake. I am no longer a Christian (now a Buddhist) but I know my way around the neighborhood. Let me bring up the following points:

1) You speak of the United States as being a "christian" nation. Well. take out those two seminal documents, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Look for the word "Christian" in there. Oh, I isn't in there. Thomas Jefferson, in fact, welcomed all to join the club--Christians, Jews, Muslims, deists (Jefferson's)--you name it, you're welcome.

2) Thomas Paine was particularly ornery. We know him best for his independence speeches, but in his later work, he ripped apart (quite well, I might add) the Christian credo. Ah,,well--so much for good Christian folk as our founding fathers.

3) You speak of Jews as being "evil" folk. Well, what of it? We can look at the scriptures and find Christians, Jews, Muslims, et cetera as being good or evil. Shall I bring up the Klan?

Try ceasing your anger.

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