Thursday, June 17

Why I'll still vote for Barack (really!)

I've been really critical of Barack Obama as of late, especially in areas concerning the war in Afghanistan. Yet I'll still vote for him. Why, do you ask...

1) The spill in the Gulf of Mexico is not Barack Obama's spill. Sure, he made a few flubs heading in. This is called being a "human being".

2) The health care bill. Not since Harry S Truman attempted such a bill sixty years ago did such a bill finally see passage. It is a centerpiece of his administration, one which deserves our admiration and support.

3) Support of GLBT issues. To those of you who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transsexual, or for those existence is dear to your heart, this is much more than some academic exercise. Your life and dignity is of import, and, fortunately, we picked a good man.

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