Wednesday, August 18

Pat's phony diatribes

What Pat thinks of you...  (Courtesy: Alex Entwege)

I have to admit, I'm a Jesus-follower fan.  Be it Falwell, Robertson, Schuller, Roberts... hell, I watched this one guy, Gene Scott, just staring at his video camera, totally silent, for 45 straight minutes!  I was fascinated by this guy.  The only sound you heard (or dared to hear) was him puffing away on his cee-gar.

Now, before you haul out the butterfly nets, my interest was (and is ) of the psychology of these people.  I have no interest in singing Onward Christian Soldiers, or any of their liturgies.

But then we have the particular problem of Pat Robertson. You see, he fancies himself not only as a Christian minister,but as a world political leader. In fact, he championed two leaders - Charles Taylor

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