Monday, April 30

Reviewed: Manufacturing Depression: A journey into the economy of melancholy by Gary Greenberg. Published by Harper's, May 2007, pg. 37.

Gary and I share a common theme in our lives. He, when that bible of The American Psychiatric Association is perused, comes up with Major Depression,according to the DSM. I haven't had such "luck" in my life, but I am taking happy pills. Of course, some of this so-called "depression" may be the result of several nurses, CNAs, and doctors(!) but that is beside the point.

He posits a central theory: that the value of antidepressive drugs are suspect. I must say that, at first, I found his theory questionable. But as I read, I found his arguments quite persuasive.

This,in sum, is what the psychiatrist does: blood and urine are taken, then the QIDS-SR and the Q-LES-Q-SF (psychiatric tests) are given. The name is impressive, but they have serious faults.

In sum, this is a good read.

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