Thursday, May 3

(Based in part on The New York Times, e1, 7/3/2007)

The certainty all life will be based upon (at least the painterly part) -with very few exceptions- will be putting stale bread to mouth while painting. It is a life where you do the work part-time, unless you are renowned. Which you will not be. And the hope at the end of your life? Seeing it
auctioned off at Sotheby's or Christie's for a princely sum. Not that you will get a dime. And then you will die, tripling the profits.

All this is based on a crapshoot, of course. Sometimes dreams of 5, 10, even 60 million don't pan out. But when a transfer is made, a life of penury is what the artist "deserves"? I hardly think so.

A while ago, I saw Dance at Bougival. Now, I may not buy that particular piece, but Picasso and Cy Twombly hold dear places in my heart. The point is that all pieces of art deserve recognition,whether ancient or ultra-modern, deserve recognition. And those who live deserv e financial recognition. Now.

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