Thursday, February 26

What is real--what is not

Well, the President gave his first speech tonight. And what was my view? Overall it was between good and very good. However, there were two points (IMHO) that bear addressing.

  • Clean coal "technology". This belonged to a laundry list of various technologies including wind, solar, ect. How does wind and solar differ from clean coal? First, you have to mitigate - not eliminate - the coal effluvia. Second, when coal is gone, it is indeed gone. Third, the taking of coal is significantly more than the other technologies. Please, Mr. President, let us sack this expensive and unnecessary goal.
  • I waited and waited for a bold, real healthcare move. Unfortunately, I waited in vain. I do believe there are areas where Republicans and Democrats can work together, but this ain't one of them. Let us have real healthcare now.

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