Tuesday, March 10

ways to save money

I have been watching the news lately, not with a little bemusement. We hear - let us cut the bullshit, those that we do allow to stay, let us cut (or eliminate) their benefits. Hogwash. I can think of three moves which can be taken quite speedily.
  • I like Jim Calhoun. I like basketball. Hell, I don't want wish to see Gampel Pavillion torn to shreds. What I do not wish to see is Jim Calhoun "earning" a 1.6 dollar paycheck. A $300,000 check will do quite nicely. And if he balks at this, wish him good luck as he leaves.
  • The one thing M. Jodi Rell does not deserve is a mansion, even a relatively small one. Sell it. And sell the car too.
  • This one is fairly controversial. I do have compassion for the victims, despite my own opposition to the death penalty. But look at the facts: $750,000 for a lifer, over $1 million for the death penalty. Enough said.

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