Saturday, June 12

An open letter to President Barack Obama

Mr. President:

In November of 2008, I voted for you. At the time, it seemed like a vote of great promise and hope. I was very happy.

However, in the past week in particular, two moves have been made made by you or your administration (which, ultimately, answers to you)which gravely concern me.

1) During this week, in which 28 NATO soldiers were killed, General McChrystal "admitted" that the Kandahar offensive had been "going more slowly than had been planned". Why, how big of him! Mr. President, it is time for General McChrystal to be fired. Period. In his place should be a general who will give a date certain (say, June 21, 2011) for troops to be evacuated and then the date the last troops would leave. Then follow through on those promises.

2) This week you said that in war that "whistleblowers" would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What happened to the great ideal of the Democratic party of free and open debate? Has it been swept under the rug that quickly? Mr.President, there is a tremendous difference between the specifics of a Tomahawk missile and the killing of five unarmed Iraqis. The latter should never be hidden under the table. Thoughtful people should never be restricted from such vital information. Quite simply, it is their unalienable right. Let us have our freedom.

Thank you.


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