Tuesday, July 26

Horrible dingbats

 Toward the beginning of the month, US Navy SEALS moved into position around a house in Pakistan.  In the bedroom was Osama bin Laden, arguably the most feared man of the decade.  A half a world away several people were watching by sattelite - President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Clinton, and the topmost brass of the military.  The SEALs told him to freeze, he moved, the SEALs shot him, dead.  Obama, Biden, Clinton and the military were relieved.  Later in the morning Obama told the world.

This past week, Anders Breivik, a fundamentalist Christian, blew up a building in Oslo,  killing over 70 people.  Oh, bin Laden, he's so passe.  Breivik is the latest nutjob.  Until the next one strolls along.

During the past 20 - 25 years, we have had our fill of these, uh, "stars".  Earlier on, Timothy McVeigh made his own claim to fame.  He demolished a federal building in Oklahoma City.   Hundreds were killed, including children.

What we do to stop these massacres, I do not know.  Stopping them is somewhat akin to hauling a huge rock up a mountain,

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