Sunday, July 24

Boring, yet important issues

Before I dig in on the issues, I want to apologize on being so tardy.  I'm so sorry.

As I consider the issues going on in the world, there are, of course, some major issues going on in the world.  Global warming is an issue.  Nuclear weapons are important (not to mention freakin' frightening).  Our relations with the rest of the world is equally important.

But I haven't mentioned toilets.

Yeah, yeah, I know.  On the scale of earth-shattering movements (!) this one's way, way, WAY down there.  But I ask you to consider this: In the year 1775, (1) the toilet was invented.  Since that time, improvements have been made (porcelain structure, plastic seat, etc.) but none to where the human waste winds up.  Since 1775. Considering little Connecticut has a population of 3,574,097 (2)(3), and every single human being puts out solid or liquid waste daily, it ceases to be a source of amusement pretty quickly.

The other is sidewalks. It isn't really so bad as some areas, not really.  But when a community as wealthy as this one shows forth flaws, it is of concern.  Across the street from where I am, the walks in front of CL&P are badly rutted.  On Buena Vista, you can take the sidewalk - until the road turns.  Then there is no sidewalk.  Crossing the road is loads of fun - the walk is virtually impassable.

I have a suggestion.  When workers are repairing or building sidewalks, they should automatically assume wheelchairs, canes, and crutches, not just assume walkers.

(2) United States Census Bureau

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