Thursday, October 14

Election Day

It's almost Election Day again. For the GLBT community, this is especially important. The easiest way to decide  is to vote straight Democratic.  That was easy, wasn't it?  Well, it is--- unless the Democratic party decides to throw a curveball at you.  (In my case, Tom Colapietro(D) provided the frustration.)   You have a real conundrum there, don't you?

 The vagaries of American politics can be quite frustrating.  As a rule, we can generally say that Democratic politics are preferable to Republican politics. Now, if the differences were something minor, say, the times that liquor may be sold, it would hardly matter.  But this is my life we're talking about. It matters beyond all measure. It matters that I can have dinner with my boyfriend without being hassled or kicked out.  It matters that, if we wish, we can be married. Fully married, not half-assed "married".  And when one of us comes close to the end of life, one of us can comfort the other.

Now, I know what you're thinking.  I live in Connecticut, one of the states which had the good sense to legitimize same-sex marriages. You're probably of the opinion that if Connecticut does marry same-sex partners, well, that's good enough.     Well, what of our neighbor, New York?  The minority party, the Republicans, voted against it - that's to be expected - but a small number of Democrats voted against same-sex partners marrying as well!  Isn't that atrocious?  And Illinois - a fairly liberal state, the state which provided our President - has (as of now) no same-sex marriage provisions!

Now, what of the conservatives among the GLBT movement?  I'm not here to duke it out with you, but I think you must accede a tougher road to hoe among conservatives.  The conservatives have put their feet in their mouths, and you sit in front of your TV, saying "What do I do?"

It's a little late for 2010 elections, but for the year 2011 and beyond, whether Democratic or Republican, there is but one question to be asked:

Why don't you run??

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